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SU-MAN Exfoliating Facial Polish

IMG_4574Su-man exfoliating facial polish is simply amazing and that’s why I wanted to talk about it today.
I have this in my bathroom since June now, but I started using it properly this month.
If you follow my little stories, you’ll know that I am trying to set a proper skincare routine in place.
Of course the routine includes an exfoliator. A step that I wasn’t doing very often before, I think I was exfoliating once every two months!!!! I didn’t really enjoy it, I thought that it was « hurting » my skin, it felt rough and my skin didn’t feel soft at all afterwards.

I heard about this on Caroline Hirons’s channel (link here), she is an expert in skincare products and she gives you a constructive feedback on every product she has been tested.
Anyway, I decided to try the Su-man one, probably because it smells of coffee and I love that smell, and I am completely convinced and addicted to this product.

What it does?
Illuminates, brightens, buffs away dead skin, minimises the appearance of pores and gives you a more youthful looking, a firmer complexion all of that INSTANTLY!

camu-camu (red fruit from Amazonia packed with vitamine C), coffee seeds and dragon’s blood extract. Full ingredients list here but from what I know there is no nasties in this beauty!

How to use?
Apply on dry skin, massage and rinse off with warm water or a face cloth.

The Su-man exfoliator works very well for me. I use it one or twice a week on a clean dry skin and before I apply my serum. When I exfoliate I can feel a huge difference applying my serum after.
I can really feel that the serum is actually going into my skin, if you know what I mean 🙂 !
My skin is super soft and radiant and feels fresh and clean. The last time I did it I was so surprised by the results because I was feeling very tired and I had terrible skin and eyes. Before going to bed I did my evening routine using this exfoliator and my skin was looking great, like I have had 12 hours sleep. I knew then than this product was actually working very well!

I don’t think Su-man is available in shops in Belgium but you can find it online on several websites (check out my post about beauty online shopping here). The price is £40.00, yes expensive, but totally worth it. If you have the budget and are looking for a good exfoliator, I highly recommend you to try this one.



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