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DECO: what I’ve been up to!

If you follow me, you know that lately I’ve been obsessed with decorating our home. I spent my time on Pinterest and on several websites like Ikea, LaRedoute, Etsy… I have added some bits and pieces here and there. It’s nothing big because I think we will do some works upstairs soon, so it wasn’t the case buying some big furniture or making big changes in the rooms. But I wanted to finish the kids bedrooms and add something nice in my husband bathroom.


2015-08-111I bought some shelves for the kids bedroom to put all their books. I chose the Ikea Ribba shelves from 55cm in white. I took 4 of these for each bedroom. I really like them because they are quite thin but you can still put a lot of books on them and the size was perfect to hang them between the wardrobe and the wall.

For Noah’s bedroom I got these two boxes or trunks (don’t really know the correct word) on LaRedoute.fr to put his toys. The white one is from the AM.PM collection and the water green one is from LaRedoute Intérieurs collection. I love these, I think they give a nice decorative touch to the room. Noah’s room is in a white and water green color theme. One wall is painted in a very dark blue/green color and the curtains are water green, the other walls are white so as all his furniture. I just ordered a white toy bag with a smiling bear in black printed on it on Etsy.com, you can see it on my Wantfeed here.

For Nahla’s bedroom I wanted her to have like a secret place, a cosy space in her bedroom to play with her dolls or to read a book or even to have a nap. So I looked again on Pinterest and saw all these tipis and I directly fell in love with them! I think it’s a great idea and also if you’re bored of it you can easily take it away, you can even put it in the garden.

I got this nobodinoz tipi, I bought it in a shop in Belgium but you can order it online. There are some little purple and honey triangles printed on it witch I think goes well with her purple wall. To go inside the tipi I got some cushions, 3 of them are also from the shop where I got the tipi and the big pink one is from Ikea. The rug is also from Ikea, it’s this one here. And then, i bought some fairy lights on amazon.fr to make a really cosy atmosphere.

She is very happy with her new tipi, and now every night we read the book inside the tipi, it’s quite fun! The theme in Nahla’s bedroom is a mix of princess, fairies, birdies, butterflies and the colors are purple, pink and white.

2015-08-112Let’s move on to the grown up part 😉 ! I finally (after 2 years now that we’re in the house) decided to buy a plant to put in the entry hall. And I don’t know why I waited so long. I like it a lot! The hall seems less empty and I like to have something green…I don’t know how to explain but it really adds something to this hall, I enjoy watching it when I come inside the house! I bought this plant from Ikea so as the flower pot holder.

This bathroom that I called my husband bathroom, is actually a shower room. There is a lot of unused space in that shower room. And you can feel that they (the old owners) haven’t finished to make it. So, I wanted to dress up the room a little bit to make it nicer and less « cold ». Again, Ikea was a good choice! I just bought a wood shelf, some towels in blue and turquoise and some little baskets to put my hubby’s products in them. Obviously I had to put a cactus there too 😉 !

And finally, you can see three things that I have bought/received to put in the living room. They are not placed like that normally but I putted them together for the picture…It’s the White Company candle in Seychelles that I received from my mum. I loooooove this smell! A vase from H&M home and of course…a cactus! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed to had this little sneak peek into my home and that it has inspired you!




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