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Origins: my new skincare products

One of the things that was on my shopping list when I went to London a few weeks ago was an Origins moisturizer. I first heard of this brand on the net and the reviews of their products were very good. The brand Origins creates natural skincare and the products are made with plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. NO parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, animal ingredients… Here is the link to their website if you are interested to learn more about this brand.

So, I needed a daily moisturizer to complete my skincare routine, as the one that I was using was too thick for a day cream. I went to John Lewis and saw that Origins had a little department there! After speaking with the lady about my skin and what I was looking for, she made me a quick facial with 5 different products adapted to my skin type. Well, that was unexpected but very nice and relaxing!

Once she was finished I could directly feel the difference, my skin was glowing, felt fresh and clean and well hydrated. I don’t know if I can say that in this case but my face felt « comfortable »! And I don’t feel that usually when I do a facial (when it happens 🙂 ). As you can guess, I left with more than just the moisturizer. The lady did a great job 😉

I ended up buying 4 products of the brand. I will start with my favorite ones:

IMG_4395Original Skin Retexturizing mask with rose clay

This mask is amazing. I love it! And I am not a mask person; I don’t usually make masks because I often feel that they don’t do their job. When I looked at my skin after the facial at Origins, I asked the lady what was that she had used to make my skin look so nice and glowy and it was this rose clay mask.

It does everything that it says on the packaging: gently deep clean, refine skin texture, pores appear to vanish, restored clarity and instant glow. You apply this mask on a clean dry skin, leave it for 10 minutes, massage with fingertips to exfoliate and rinse well.

I promise you that you will see a big difference after! It is worth the money.

IMG_4394Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins, Mega Bright SPF 30 skin tone correcting oil-free moisturizer

Here it is, the new moisturizer that I was looking for! I told the lady I needed something for a dehydrated and sometimes combination skin with a little bit of hormonal acne problems. And she gave me this brightening moisturizer. I am loving this product too, it smells very nice and my skin likes it too. It does brighten the skin a lot without leaving it greasy, as it is an oil-free formula. This cream gives you an instant glow, it corrects uneven skin and prevents future dark spots from forming. It is good for summer as it has a SPF 30 so you don’t need to add a special sun cream on top of your moisturizer.

The only negative thing I can say about this product is that you need to wait a few minutes for the cream to absorb before applying your make up otherwise your make up don’t last as long. And I am not a big fan of the packaging because you tend to take to much cream and to waist it. I would prefer a pump that gives you directly the right quantity you need to apply.

But it is a great moisturizer if you have a dull skin or dark spots and you want to illuminate your skin.

IMG_4396IMG_4399VitaZing SPF15 Energy-boosting moisturizer

VitaZing boosting moisturizer is also a tinted moisturizer. It is coming out white and when you apply it, it’s turning into a sheer tint that suits all skin tone. They call it the multi-tasking moisturizer because it hydrates, energizes and protects your skin all day and also gives your skin a healthy glow like the one you can get after a week on holiday.

Reading the reviews on internet let me think that it’s a great product but personally I am not sure yet if I like it or not. The lady at Origins told me to apply it on top of my Mega-Bright moisturizer but when I do that my skin is very glowy in a shinny way, and too shinny looks like greasy for me, even tough both creams are oil-free. And applying only the VitaZing is not enough for my skin…I do like the natural tinted effect that it gives on my skin, it’s very light and it does look like I’ve been in the sun. I still like to use it because it is easy in the morning and the look is very natural witch I like so to avoid the shinny effect I put my Maybelline Stay Matte powder on top.

I am not sure I’ll purchase this product again though as it is quite expensive for something I am not totally convinced about.

IMG_4401Plantscription anti-aging power eye cream

The last thing that I bought was this eye cream. I’ve run out of my Body Shop one so I thought why not trying this one. I like that it’s for fragile eye skin because my skin around my eyes is very thin. It is supposed to give a highly-hydration to the skin, help reduce lines and wrinkles in 2 weeks and with a continued use to help the sagging and crow’s feet disappear.

I really like the texture of this cream, it absorbs instantly but you can still feel that is quite a thick cream, and that it’s hydrating. The packaging is great, I love when skincare comes out in pumps, I think it’s easier and more hygienic to use. I have been using this cream during the last two weeks now and I haven’t seen any big difference. I can see that it has plumped the skin under my eyes a little bit. I am 33 so my eyes are not in a very bad condition 🙂 but I do start to have crow’s feet so I guess I will have to continue using this cream to see if it does help like they say! I do recommend this eye-cream especially for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes.

These products are quite expensive but lately I decided to use a proper skincare routine and I am still searching for the ones that are working good for me, so I am testing a lot right now. I also think that when you are in your thirties you need to start looking after your skin because you wont be able to buy yourself a new one later! So for the moment I prefer spending money on skincare than on expensive clothes.

That I know they don’t sell Origins skincare products in Belgium but you can easily find them in England or on websites like Boots or Lookfantastic.

I hope you enjoy this beauty post and that it wasn’t too long!




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