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What I ate this week

Hi everyone!

This week was crazy busy and I didn’t have much time to prepare posts for my blog. So I decided I will show you what I ate this week! I took a few pictures of what I ate during the week. I don’t know you but I often struggle to make our weekly menu, I have days where I have no idea of what to make for dinner! That is why I love to see what other people are eating because it gives me inspiration. So I hope you’ll like this kind of post too…I apologize for the pictures already, with the two monsters at home I don’t really have the time to prepare a glamourous backround 🙂 it is more like the faster I eat the better it is!

IMG_4058This was for lunch: toasted pitta bread with tuna, a little bit of mayo, pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. A big glass of still water and my Wandertea detox tea.

IMG_4068This was for dinner: homemade « quiche » with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, bacon and herbs with a green salad. Big glass of water and my Wandertea detox tea.

IMG_4086Breakfast: I had made the night before some vanilla Chia seeds pudding with almond milk (very easy and delicious!) with pieces of fresh peach on top, a cappuccino with soya milk and the ciocattino capsule from Nespresso.

IMG_4101This was last night: homemade meatballs with a tomatoes, peppers and green beans sauce and some Jasmin rice. Again a big glass of water and the Wandertea detox tea.

Hope you enjoy reading this! What did you eat this week?




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